Why Invest in the US?

Why buy property in the USA?

The USA is the world’s wealthiest country and largest economy. International real estate investors are welcomed with open arms. The great American dream of prosperity is alive now more than ever. Struggle inspires innovation and the resilient American economy is well on its way to recovery and future growth following the Global Financial Crisis (GFC).

The opportunity to create personal wealth through the ownership of property in the USA has never been better for Australian real estate investors. Have you ever visited the USA? American and Australian cultures are closely related. We value family, financial security and ensuring the next generation is better off as a result of our hard work.

Similar to Australia, real estate in the USA is tightly regulated by each state. Just as you would expect in Australia, America Property Source only works with licensed agents and property managers in Phoenix, Arizona and Cleveland, Ohio. However, unlike in Australia, American real estate agents collaborate and work as a team to achieve better results for investors. There is also no Stamp Duty or Land Tax, which makes buying and selling houses in America a more cost-effective option.

We all now carry in our pockets the technology that allows us to communicate and build relationships in foreign country. Success in the property game is based on relationships and communication. A face-to-face meeting between Melbourne and Cleveland is only a click away.

The opportunity

America Property Source will always be able to secure our clients cash-flow positive investment properties. Great opportunities will always exist because our agents know their markets and sharpened their acquisition skills when times were tough.

  • The American property market has not fully recovered which leaves housing prices discounted and room for near-term growth spurts.
  • Many homes still trade below replacement costs, meaning that the price per square foot (metre) that you are paying is less than the cost to build new.
  • Due to the non-recourse nature of American lending practice there will always be foreclosures to invest in.

The benefits of working with America Property Source

The GFC is now well in the past. However, it’s worth a mention because it was a rare event for the American real estate market and one that certainly shaped the current property landscape. All the real estate professionals that America Property Source includes on our team worked and invested in the USA property market during the lead up to and fallout of the GFC. As a result of this unique experience, our property managers provide a level of knowledge and service that is unsurpassed.

Here are the benefits for Australians who work with America Property Source and purchase property in the USA to multiply their wealth:

  • You will be introduced to a team who will support you in building your property portfolio in the USA.
  • The properties we source are cash-flow positive and will appreciate in value over time.
  • The Australian dollar is considered high until .80 cents buys US $1, thus giving investors a potential profit margin on the currency exchange.
  • We work with banks who will lend to foreign investors.
  • It is easier to trade properties in the USA than in Australia.
  • There in no Stamp Duty or Land Tax in America.
  • You will be building a foreign currency cash reserve.
  • There will be travel benefits to the USA that you will be able to organise through your accountant.
  • Ongoing education for subscribing to the America Property Source newsletter.

See our FAQs for more information about purchasing property in the USA and don’t hesitate to contact us for enquiries.