Property Sourcing

Houses for sale in America are sought-after on a global scale. Investing in real estate is a time-proven strategy for individuals to multiply their wealth over time.

Opportunities in the markets we specialise in – Phoenix and Cleveland – change according to supply and demand. Stock levels and current market trends are elements that determine price point. USA housing prices have been trending up since 2010 when America Property Source opened for business.

Prior to engaging America Property Source you will have to determine if the American property market is right for you. We are able to provide real-time examples of available properties, which allow our clients to clearly see price per product type. The number of properties, price range per property and terms are all set out prior to the decision to hire America Property Source.

Property options

There are three typical types of USA properties that are sourced for our clients:

  1. Single family homes – this is a free-standing home with its own title.
  2. Townhouse/condominium – these properties are similar to strata title in Australia and have a Home Owners Association (HOA) that typically provide services for a monthly or quarterly fee. By the America Property Source definition, a townhouse does not have another dwelling above or below. A condominium or apartment will have another unit above or below.
  3. Duplex/multi-family – these are two-plus dwellings existing on one title. In the USA it is common to have one to four dwellings existing on a title and still be considered residential property as opposed to commercial.

Property condition

There are three conditions that America Property Source will refer to in describing a property. Different companies use different terminology. Our definitions are as follows:

  1. Full rehab – in American real estate “rehab” translates to “reno” in Australia. Investors benefit from a discount when they purchase a property that requires minor, non-structural repairs. These properties offer an amazing opportunity and generally require new paint, flooring and appliances. In some cases, updating the kitchens and bathrooms is a smart, cost-effective way to improve the property’s resale value.
  2. Rent ready – expect a rent-ready property to require a quick clean by your property management company. Sometimes a tightening of a faucet or some touch-up paint is required, but the term implies minimal or no work required in order for a tenant to move in immediately.
  3. Occupied – these properties are leased with a paying tenant in place. Investors are provided with a copy of the lease and the tenancy is transferred to the investor’s property management company upon sale.

Before we source you a property we need to make sure you are established with the necessary requirements to enter the American real estate market. If you have further questions about our Americal real estate services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.