Handover to US Property Manager

Congratulations! The handover stage means you now own your American property. You have successfully entered the real estate market in the USA. Following the transaction process and any renovations that might have been required, America Property Source will hand you over to one of our trusted property management experts in the USA.

Here’s what the handover process looks like:

  • America Property Source will notify the client and the property manager once the property has closed and been recorded with the titles office.
  • We will inform the property manager about key collection.
  • For an occupied property, it is the property manager’s duty to send a letter to the tenant. It is the investor’s duty to follow up and make sure that next month’s rent is received on time.
  • Each property management company has its own system for collecting and distributing rental income.
  • America Property Source recommends investors take an active approach to building a relationship with their property manager.
  • Property management companies offer the services of managing and paying utilities and Home Owners Associations (HOA) fees – the equivalent of a Body Corporate in Australia. We will also consult with investors to organise direct debits where applicable and provide guidance to opening their own accounts with the American utility companies where necessary.

America Property Source understands each property a client purchases is important to their wealth-creation plan and future goals. Each member of our American real estate team plays an important role to the overall profit and success of the investor. America Property Source believes that building a strong relationship with your property manager is a vital component in measuring the success you will achieve.

Your investment is ready to start making you money. See our cash-flow multiplier diagram and familiarise yourself with the wealth-creation process.