The USA does not restrict foreign ownership of real estate. So if you’re looking at houses for sale in America you’ll benefit from having our property professionals on your team. Before America Property Source will actively engage the market to source a property for an investor the following must be established:

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

The first step towards building you an American property portfolio and multiplying your wealth is registering an LLC. Limited liability means you can not personally be sued and only ever owe the amount of your investment property.

  • LLC is a company structure that is the common entity choice for real estate investors in the USA.
  • America Property Source registers LLCs in Arizona for our Australian clients.
  • A USA postal address is included with your LLC.

Employer Identification Number (EIN)

An EIN is the tax identification number assigned to your USA LLC for payment of American income taxes.

  • An EIN is required to open an American bank account for the registered LLC.

USA bank account

Once a client’s LLC and EIN are registered they are in a position to open a bank account in the USA.

  • America Property Source will open a bank account for all cash buyers within five business days of the LLC approval and the EIN being issued.
  • Australian clients who wish to use USA lending will have to travel to Arizona to be sighted in person by a bank employee.

FOREX account

FOREX is an abbreviation of foreign exchange and a FOREX account is one that allows you to bank and trade foreign currencies. America Property Source recommends opening a FOREX account with Associated Foreign Exchange (AFEX).

  • A currency trading account with AFEX will save you money.
  • America Property Source has negotiated the best rate of exchange for our clients who open an account with our preferred trader.
  • AFEX transfers made before the cut-off time ensure same-date money transfers to the USA recipient.

Find out about our transaction and renovation management services and please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about houses for sale in America.