Cash Flow Multiplier

Five-step method

America Property Source developed the trusted cash-flow multiplier based on five key steps. Our aim is to ensure your property in the USA is a cash-flow positive investment.

Cashflow Multiplier

1. Discover

  • Learn the benefits of investing in US real estate.
  • Understand the fundamental differences between Australian and US property culture.
  • Unpack your goals and property investment plan.
  • Learn why real estate is a team sport and meet the players who America Property Source chooses to work with.
  • Discover if investing in US real estate is right for you.

2. Structure

  • US real estate investors own their assets in Limited Liability Companies or LLCs.
  • Understand why the LLC is the appropriate structure.
  • Learn about US lending and bank accounts.

3. Source

  • How many properties are do you plan on adding to your US portfolio in the next 24 months?
  • Identify the type of property, the market, the time frame and the budget for your next US property with your America Property Source representative.
  • Review available properties and place an offer.
  • Settlement transaction management.
  • Handover of your US real estate asset to your property manager.

4. Measure

  • Establish a communication system with your US property team and build relationships.
  • Track the performance of your asset(s) and the American real estate company.
  • Know the numbers for each property.
  • Understand the expenses for each property.
  • Know the annual return on investment (ROI) for each property.

5. Grow

  • Remember that cash flow follows assets.
  • One property is the first step towards a bigger game.
  • Review your goals and US property investment strategy.
  • Identify the budget, the time frame and the type of property you will be adding to your US real estate portfolio.
  • Repeat the process.

Contact America Property Source if you’d like to know more about the Cash Flow Multiplier or other information about why you should invest in the US property market.