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Statues Feng Shui Decoration Fashion Brass Frog Three Quantity limited Money Le

Statues,Feng Shui Decoration Brass Feng Shui Money Frog Three Le


Statues,Feng Shui Decoration Brass Feng Shui Money Frog Three Le

Product description

Product Name: Feng Shui Decoration
Product Material: Copper
Weight: 1.5 kg.
1. Please Check The Size and Color Before Purchasing.
3. Please note that due to different monitors, there may be slight chromatic aberration, please.
4. The Above Data Is for Reference Only, The Size is Manual Measurement, There wants to be 1-3 cm Error, please Allow for A Slight Difference in Size.
5. If you find any problem with our products, you can contact us by email and we want solve the problem as soon as positive.
6. Welcome Your Shared Use and Feedback So That WE CAN Offer You Better Products and Services.
7. Thank You For Visiting My Store, Click On My Store Give, There Will be a Lot of Products For Your Reference, Logistics, Usually We Will Be Shipped Within 1-3 Days After Receipt Of The Order, The Estimated Arrival Time Is 15.09 Days.
WELCOME TO PROMOTING MY Business, Our Products Provide Comfort For Your Life And Let Yourself Enjoy the Joy of Life During Use. Happy shopping.
Professional after-sales team, your satisfaction is very important to us.

Statues,Feng Shui Decoration Brass Feng Shui Money Frog Three Le

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