The truthful cash-flow multiplier

Real estate in the USA presents a growth investment opportunity for Australian property investors. The combination of low-cost houses for sale, no Stamp Duty, no Land Tax, low fixed costs and positive lifestyle benefits for your tenants makes investing in American real estate a smart choice.

America Property Source is your end-to-end USA real estate agency. Our USA real estate professionals worked in the lead-up to and aftermath of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis (GFC). They not only survived this period but learnt how to thrive and seek out markets with the most potential. Today our markets include Phoenix real estate and Cleveland real estate. We identify these markets as presenting the most cash-flow positive potential for you, the investor.

As your American wealth creation company, we provide a complete range of services from establishment through to handover to your ongoing property manager in the USA. The process involves establishing you in a position to buy property in the USA, followed by sourcing real estate at the identified price point – determined by you, then we manage the transaction process and any renovations, ensuring your property is rent-ready.

America Property Source founder John Carney established the business in 2010 after a lifetime of interest in saving and investing and experience as a profitable investor in both the USA and Australia. With an extensive professional network  in America, John Carney and his team are well-placed to assist Australians who want to start and grow their USA real estate portfolio.

America Property Source has developed a 5 Step Method know as The Cash Flow Multiplier. Investors who subscribe to this process will build their USA real estate asset base and multiply their wealth.

If you’d like to discuss our American property services please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Cash Flow Multiplier5 STEP METHOD
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