Cleveland, Ohio is located on the north coast of the USA or the south shore of Lake Erie. Cleveland was incorporated in 1836 and has functioned as a key transportation hub and manufacturing centre ever since the dawn of the industrial revolution. John D. Rockefeller founded Standard Oil in Cleveland in 1870 and the city was America’s fifth largest in the 1920s. Today the Greater Cleveland Area is the 15th largest statistical area in the USA.


Cleveland is the second-largest city in Ohio and Greater Cleveland boasts a population of two million. Combined with the Akron-Canton population and industry 40 minutes south, the 2013 population was 3.5 million. The north-east Ohio demographic that Cleveland anchors has a total population of 4.5 million.

Key business

The Cleveland CBD continues to grow and redevelop with a recent $1.5 billion invested in new projects. The region is receiving a major capital investment of $12 billion and currently has a $170-billion economy.

Seventy percent of Fortune 500 companies have a presence in the region with headquarters in the area. Progressive Insurance, Sherwin Williams Paint, Key Corp, Eaton Corporation and First Energy all call Cleveland home. In 2013 Ernst and Young moved into their new office tower on the Cleveland waterfront. Other major global employers are; NASA, Alcoa, Mitta Steel, Goodyear and Parker Hannifin.

Global health care leader

Cleveland has the fastest growing health care economy in the USA and is home to the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic. The Cleveland Clinic is the city’s largest private employer with a workforce exceeding 37,000. Other hospitals include University Hospitals of Cleveland, a renowned cancer treatment centre, and Metro-Health medical centre. Cleveland is fast becoming a global incubator for health care technology and biotechnology research and development.

The city is leading the way with the nation’s first Global Centre for Health and Innovation in the CBD and attached to the city’s new convention centre.

Professional sports

Cleveland supports three major professional sports teams: The Cleveland Cavaliers for the National Basketball League, the Cleveland Indians for Major League Baseball and the Cleveland Browns for the Nation Football League.

Current opportunity in Cleveland real estate

Today Cleveland is experiencing the beginning of a modern renaissance sparked by health care technology and the low cost of living. The Cleveland real estate market is still recovering from the financial crisis of 2008, providing an opportunity to purchase cash-flow-positive investment properties in well-established neighbourhoods that are a short drive to a thriving downtown.

Properties for sale in the Cleveland real estate market provide investors with both steady cash flow and capital growth. America Property Source’s founder John Carney grew up on the west side of Cleveland and is happy to talk with investors at length about how the city’s rebirth is generating a contagious buzz in the local Cleveland real estate and business community.

Over the next 10 years Cleveland expects to attract more small business and provide access to funds for start-ups who decide to relocate or establish their business in the Cleveland area. The Gen Y market (20 to 30-year-olds) is content renting houses and apartments while they pursue their new careers. Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland State University, John Carol University, Baldwin Wallace University and Oberlin College are only five of the 27 northeast Ohio universities who draw students from across the USA and internationally to the Cleveland area. The low cost of living and friendliness of Cleveland is retaining young, educated talent and increasing the population of The Greater Cleveland area. Cleveland currently is an environment that encourages entrepreneurship. New business is fuelling both employment and population growth which in turn will be further driving property prices.

Property in Cleveland

America Property Source works with licensed property agents in Cleveland who have 20 years of experience. The Cleveland agents are accustomed to working with out-of -state and foreign investors. Our property manager’s work closely with investors to ensure each investment property is looked after to the highest standard.

Fun Facts

  • LeBron James, the NBA’s biggest star, has returned home to Cleveland to play with the Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Cleveland’s Playhouse Square is the second-largest live theatre district in the USA second only to New York City.
  • The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is in Cleveland
  • Major Hollywood films Captain America: The Winter Soldier(2014) and Draft Day (2014) were filmed in Cleveland
  • Cleveland was the US city chosen to host the 2016 Republican National Convention in the lead up to the November 2016 US Presidential election.

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