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Renovating your investment property in the USA

September 15, 2015No matter what kind of state you’d like your property in, USA markets are a great opportunity for Australian investors. Whether you want a relatively new home, or are happy to buy an older home and renovate, the team at America Property Source has the resources you need on the ground. With the exchange rate...
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3 Books Every USA Real Estate Investor Must Read

September 1, 2015“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin   As an active real estate investor your job is to gain every possible advantage to protect your current assets and position yourself for ongoing wealth creation in your future deals. I’m a reader. I read to learn, grow and improve myself. Remember, the...
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USA Real Estate Titles

August 15, 2015What you need to know about buying houses for sale in America When you purchase real estate you take possession and own a title to a property. In the majority of US states, a title agent manages the transfer of real esate between the seller and the buyer. In some US states like Georgia and...
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5 Investor Skills - America Property Source Blog August 1, 2015

How to Play The USA Real Estate Game

August 1, 20155 Traits of  a Successful Real Estate Investor   Is there a parallel between sports and real estate investing? Mark Cuban states that ‘business is the ultimate sport”. Professional athletes constantly train, practice and prepare to be competitive. When “big league” status is achieved there is no backing down on the pursuit of greatness. There...
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It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Associate With

July 29, 2015Not Another Business Show   Tracy Sheen is the founder of From Daunted 2 Done. In this episode she interviews America Property Source founder John Carney who talks about the importance of having goals, surrounding yourself with like minded people and continuing to learn. Tracy’s the entrepreneur’s champion and her fresh new approach to podcasting draws upon...
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Partnerships Bulletpoof Your USA Real Estate Strategy

July 15, 2015Part II of Real Estate Is A Team Sport     Investors who approach real estate as a business and build a team of experts ultimately have the most success over time. Recruiting an “A-Team” of all of the professionals who support the property game is mission critical. It is not possible for anyone to...
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USA REAL ESTATE America Property Source Blog July 1, 2015

Bulletproof Your USA Real Estate Strategy

July 1, 2015Real Estate Is A Team Sport – Part I   Overseas investors are continuing to snap up houses for sale in America. Growing a real estate portfolio anywhere in the world requires a goal and an action plan to achieve your objective. In my experience, US property investors who embrace the concept that real estate...
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Houses for sale in America make a profitable investment

June 24, 2015If you’re looking for low cost houses for sale in America, come to the experts at America Property Source to help you build a growth investment opportunity. Many investors believe the Australian property market is inflated. High prices, combined with the exchange rates on the Australian dollar, are driving people to look elsewhere. America represents a...
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Occupied vs Vacant – Buying US Property

June 15, 20154 Options For Buying Houses For Sale In America Savvy investors are working their trusted off market sources to secure their next property and competition is fierce. Local and foreign USA real estate investors have four options to consider when adding the next deal to their portfolio. The options that investors have for single family...
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The 7 “Must Do’s” For Buying US Property

The 7 “Must Do’s” For Buying US Property

June 1, 2015The American real estate investors checklist Australian investors are buying US property to multiply their wealth with both positive cash flow and capital growth. Investing in American houses for sale requires a clear goal and a corresponding action plan from the outset. Investors will also require the support of a team of expert advisors whose...
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