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How to become a stronger, faster, better USA real estate investor

How to be a stronger, faster, better USA real estate investor

April 1, 2016Train to make money in the real estate game I just finished up a long run today. I don’t love running – I love improving. Every day is a new opportunity to improve our real estate investing business and ourselves. The goal in the gym is to become a stronger, faster and better athlete. I...
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What you need to know about American property management

What to know about American property management

March 15, 2016How to manage real estate USA America Property Source founder John Carney address the importance of appointing an American property management company that has experience working with overseas investors. Property managers are the glue to that holds an investors USA real estate portfolio together. Consistent communication and a sound working relationship is with you property manager...
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Why American Real Estate?

Why American real estate?

March 1, 2016Working with American real estate investors America Property Source founder John Carney is a real estate investor, developer and author of Real Estate is a Team Sport. “We are real estate investors working for investors” is the principal point of difference that distinguishes America Property Source from the other businesses that offer Australians houses for sale...
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USA banks will lend to Australians

USA banks will lend to Australians

February 15, 2016Australians finance real estate USA America Property Source works with US banks who service Australian investors with US bank finance to purchase houses for sale in America.   The application process to qualify for a US bank loan for buying houses for sale in America is nearly identical to the loan application process in Australia....
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How Australian's safely buy property in USA

How Australian’s safely buy property in USA

February 1, 2016USA real estate titles explained With America Property Source on your team, a house for sale in America will be sold with a clear title as well as title insurance. America Property Source founder John Carney talks about USA real estate titles and how to safely transfer from the seller to buyer through independent, third...
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7 Reasons to Buy Property in USA With a LLC

January 15, 2016Limited Liability Companies Explained Australians property investors who are buying American houses for sale are taking advantage of US Limited Liability Companies or LLCs as the ownership entity. The LLC structure is unique to the USA and is not comparable to the PTY LTD business structure common to Australia. Active real estate USA investors understand...
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Podcast interview with John Carney

Building Your A-Team in the US Property Market 

January 6, 2016An Australian’s Guide to Real Estate USA with guest John Carney America Property Source director John Carney is Reed Goossens guest on the show, Investing In the US! An Aussie’s Guide to USA Real Estate. John and Reed talk about the mission behind America Property Source and why it is critical for Australian property investors to...
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America Property Source Blog 11-01-15

3 Podcasts That Will Improve Your Performance

November 1, 2015Become A Better USA Real Estate Investor I believe that if you aren’t growing you’re slowing. Successful people are always learning. You have to be smart and leverage your time, so I quit radio. When I’m in the car for any longer than 5 minutes, I listen to a podcast and continue my education. Do...
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Real Estate USA and The History of America Property Source

October 28, 2015How to Start a New Company from Scratch When John Carney moved to Australia in July 2009 he had no idea that he would soon become the founder of America Property Source. This is the story about how America Property Source began and quickly became the goto company for Australian property investors who wanted to...
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The Business of Property Investing

October 15, 2015Hacking your USA real estate strategy Let’s take a closer look at the business of property investing and kick off this article with a quote from Warren Buffett’s mentor, Benjamin Graham, “Investment is most intelligent when it’s most business like.” Investing in property is a business. If you own one investment property then you are...
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