At America Property Source, helping clients achieve successful outcomes is our main prerogative. Buying property in the USA is a smart investment decision and we provide end-to-end USA real estate services to ensure you are taken care of every step of the way. See what some of our happy customers have to say about service and experience.

” Many thanks John for your all your help and patience working with me  setting up my US property portfolio. I never thought I would have been able to accomplish so much in such a short amount of time and in a incompletely unknown market.

I look forward to working with you on the next property and hope this note inspires at least one person to take the same chance I took when I first started working with you. “

John BlankevoortSydney, Australia

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BHS Investment’s experience with APS has been nothing short of outstanding. From the time we spoke with John Carney, through to when we visited their counterparts in Phoenix and purchased our property. Our biggest concern was their credibility and the quality of the property manager – both of which were addressed.

When we visited Phoenix we were shown a number of properties that were within our price range and weren’t pressured into buying. Luckily, we had an Excel spreadsheet that let us calculate our returns and once we had a property that gave us our target return, the rest was taken care of by APS. It was so smooth that we bought another one less than six months after the first one. APS, especially John Carney, has always been there to help us with any issues we have had with the property manager. We recommend APS to anyone interested in buying a property in the USA.

Bhaskar SinhaBHS Investment & owner of FightFit Boxing Centre South Melbourne , Victoria http://www.fightfit.com.au

America Property Source

I have known John Carney from America Property source (APS) since 2012. We have purchased a property through APS and received great professional advice. When an unforeseen issue arose with our property, John Carney’s personal advice, recommendations and super quick response to our queries helped us resolve the issue effectively.

John has a great support network in the USA and I have met with most of the members while visiting Phoenix including the accountant, property managers and John Williams and team, the local sourcing partner of APS. They are exactly the same as we hear from John, very professional, friendly and excellent.

We have always recommended APS to others and we are happy to provide a reference too.

Akshaya and Sam BorkarThe Craft Gallery Mooroolbark, Victoria http://www.thecraftgallery.com.au

I have worked with John Carney and America Property Source over the last three years. We have purchased two properties and on each occasion the professional service has been exceptional. From the initial educational element into the practical necessities for a company purchasing overseas, John’s support has been excellent. Not only that, the subsequent help and follow-up where necessary with trades and advice has always been above the call of duty. I have recommended his company to others. I am happy to talk with anyone who needs a reference.

John LockwoodKingdom Builders and KBWell Pty Ltd Richmond, Victoria http://www.kingdombuilders.com.au

America Property Source USA property

When first looking at buying property overseas, the thought of it was daunting and seemed almost impossible. After being recommended to John Carney at America Property Source, he took care of all the concerns associated with it. His professionalism and contacts made our first trip (and others) stress-free and enjoyable. He introduced us to the right people in Phoenix and we came out with two cash positive investments in under a year. Having such a great experience I referred him to my parents, and they also have a cash positive investment property. What makes John a true professional is his ongoing support with any questions or issues. He is quick to act and respond and, to this day helps us out when we need. I’m pleased to call John a friend and to make money off of our investments.

Hus MurticBHS Investments Richmond, Victoria

America Property Source

Just a quick note of thanks as one year on the properties that I purchased from you have increased in value faster than my local Australian investments. So far everything has worked like clockwork and being in business I know that rarely happens so I figured you must have been busy in the background and for this I am just touching base in appreciation.

Tax, accounting and property management in the US has been easier than it is here and that’s just amazing. So far your recommendations have all be exceptional. John Carney’s team works but really mate they have been very good and have sorted out everything for me without a fuss.

As you know I was cautious at the beginning but I am glad I jumped in. It was your patience and diligence that got me over the line. Looking back, I am surprised you put up with the endless questions. One year on, it wasn’t rocket science to see the value in your proposals but I just needed to build the confidence and trust in your operation as being an overseas investment I was uncertain.

I wish you well in your business and if ever you need a referral don’t hesitate. Best wishes to you and the family I’ll look at another property later this year or early next.

Tom MullanChadstone, Victoria http://www.prestigeappliances.com.au

America Property Source client Michael Towhill

I was just thinking the other day how things might have gone with my investment in the U.S Property market if I hadn’t taken John Carney’s valuable advice and guidance. There are so many properties for sale in the U.S and with those properties there are many traps that would lead to financial stress if the wrong choice was made. As you know, it is you who guided me through the minefield of U.S property investment, not only choosing the right property. There are many other factors to be aware of before one even chooses a property and I thank you for pointing out the traps one could fall into when purchasing a property. Not only did John point out the traps but the way he set up everything has made the whole exercise easy.

I can’t believe it was four years ago when I first called America Property Source and asked for your advice on how to buy and what needs to be in place before one buys houses for sale in America. All is going well with the three properties that I own and I thank you for your advice and guidance which still continues to this day. People might say that paying the right person to educate and give advice is expensive but believe me, being ignorance and making the wrong choices is even more expensive.

Many thanks.

Michael TwohillKings Langley, Australia

I have worked with John and America Property Source for the last two years personally and in this time have witnessed the professional service John and APS offer to their clients.

Their service, communication and, most importantly, relationship is top class and I can vouch that APS always look after their clients’ interests.

Danny PezeshkiAFEX Team Manager Sydney, Australia https://www.afex.com/australia/

America Property Source is a great resource for any Australian looking for properties in the US. We have managed many homes for their Australian investors. They really take an interest in helping their clients even after the property has closed and the home is rented. Their knowledge of the US market is a true asset for anyone looking to buy a home in the United States.

Riana KingReal Property Management Pinnacle Phoenix, Arizona http://www.rpmpin.com/

I was introduced to John Carney and the America Property Source team by my brother who had already purchased property from John Carney in Arizona.  This helped myself immensely to trust and start working with them as purchasing any property is a daunting experience, especially property in another country.  However, with advice and help from John the process was structured and accurate.  This I found to be an enormous help with a one stop shop to guide us through each step of the way and with every problem they found a solution. I would not hesitate to recommend John Carney in purchasing property.

Brendan CannonB & E Cannon Electrical Sydney,  NSW