Our Property Professionals

Our relationships with experienced real estate professionals in the USA have made America Property Source the business it is today. Due to our local market knowledge and teams on the ground in Phoenix, Arizona and Cleveland, Ohio we have been able to develop long-standing relationships with trusted partners to assist in all aspects of property acquisition, leasing, management, renovations and sales.

Profitable real estate investing is a team effort. We all learn from each other and it’s important to have the right sounding board when seeking knowledge. Maintaining an open and active line of communication with your USA real estate team will enable you to thrive and build strong relationships with your team members.

John Williams, J&J Real Estate Holdings, Phoenix, Arizona

John-Williams-America-Property-Source2In 2001 John Williams bought his first house, becoming a full-time property investor and then opening one of the largest wholesaling operations in Phoenix. John has been involved in over 1500 house sales and purchase transactions. John has been a licensed real estate agent in Arizona since 2005 and has 14 years of real estate investing experience.

John was born and raised in La Canada, California. He attended Loyola High School in Los Angeles and played university football for Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. After graduating from university in 2001, John moved to Phoenix to work for John Orlanidini’s property management and real estate investment business where he learned everything from the ground up in a learn-by-doing atmosphere. Mr Orlandini and his partners taught John how to manage property as well as acquire houses, apartments, office buildings, industrial buildings and mobile home parks. He worked for J&D Enterprises for three years and witnessed every scenario imaginable in the business that is real estate USA.

John says he owes much of his success today from being thrown into the fire, failing forward and learning by doing. Every Wednesday with J&D Enterprises John had to show up in work clothes to work side by side with the renovation and maintenance crews until he knew exactly how much time each job would take to complete and how to be the most cost effective in order to become a better supervisor.

John values the importance of networking. He makes an effort to be a sponge and attend every networking meeting/event he can find in order to surround himself with as many like-minded people as possible. “Go find someone that is doing what you want to do and ask them how you can be a part of their team. Add value and in turn you just might learn something from them!”

In 2008 John partnered with Joe Orlandini and they founded J&J Real Estate, LLC in Phoenix, Arizona. Today, J&J is a full-service property investment company and currently owns and manages over 500 rental units that consist of cash flow single family rentals, apartment buildings, mobile home parks and vacant land. J&J focuses on long-term cash flow and capital appreciation, as well as the occasional “fix and flip” properties for immediate income. J&J raises private money from individual investors and buy most of their properties with cash. J&J have relationships with local banks to leverage their properties once stabilized. J&J have formed a mutually beneficial partnership with John Carney and America Property Source and look forward to working with him for years to come.

 Joe Orlandini, J&J Real Estate Holdings, Phoenix, Arizona

Joe-OrlandiniJoe was born and raised in Pasadena, California and relocated permanently to Phoenix in 2011. Joe is a licensed real estate agent with Homesmart Inc. and has eight years of experience in American real estate and property investing. Joe gained his knowledge working for his father’s real estate investment company in Phoenix during school holidays. Joe has been mentored by his father, John Orlandini, who has been an active real estate investor in Phoenix since the early 1990s and bought his first apartment complex at the age of 22.

After graduating from Chapman University in 2006 with a degree in business, Joe went to work for Tower Management in Pasadena, California, a business that owned and managed 80 mobile home parks in 27 states. Joe’s territory included California, Arizona, Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia, and Mississippi.

Joe and John Williams have been mates since Joe attended kindergarten with Johnny’s little brother Dodge. In 2008 Joe and John Williams founded J&J Real Estate Holdings, LLC in Phoenix, Arizona and he became a full-time investor.

Today J&J Real Estate, LLC is a full-service real estate investment company that currently owns and manages over 500 rental units that consist of cash flow single family rentals, apartment buildings, mobile home parks and vacant land. J&J focuses on long-term cash flow and capital appreciation, as well as the occasional “fix and flip” properties for immediate income. J&J raises private money from individual investors and buy the majority of their properties with cash. J&J have relationships with local banks that leverage their properties once stabilized. J&J have formed a mutually beneficial partnership with John Carney and America Property Source and look forward to working with him for years to come.

Riana King, Real Property Management Pinnacle, Phoenix, Arizona

American property managementReal Property Management Pinnacle has managed hundreds of homes for Australian-based investors. Understanding how to communicate with clients abroad is one of their specialties. Many Australian investors have chosen to work with Real Property Management Pinnacle because they are available via Skype, email and phone. They are not only available during office hours but whenever their clients need them.

Real Property Management Pinnacle can handle all the details of managing your rental property, such as Leasing, Monthly Management, Accounting, Legal, Utilities, HOA payments etc. They are truly a trusted source for property management!

Karen Van Vugt, 1st Southwest Realty, Phoenix, ArizonaPhoenix Property Management

Karen Van Vugt has been a licensed realtor since January 2007 and joined 1st Southwest Realty to handle property management and Home Owners Associations (HOA). Karen manages many single and multi family properties all over the Phoenix area.  Her professional affiliations include the Southeast Valley Association of Realtors, Arizona Association of Realtors and National Association of Realtors.

1st Southwest Realty offers full service property management that is all-inclusive based on the rent collected. Our goal is to save the property owner money by getting their property leased quickly to high quality tenants.  Fees are not charged for vacant properties and there are no extra charges to arrange maintenance. Management fees are determined by the type of property and how many properties we are managing for the owner.

Rent rates are negotiated to the highest possible level depending on market conditions, quality and type of the property, length of leases and the time of year.  We will provide the owner an analysis of the rental market based on the location and condition of the property.

Prior to getting her real estate license Karen had a long successful career in the restaurant industry as general manager for companies like Black Angus, Marriott, Blue Burrito Grill and Einstein Bagels.  Originally from Ohio, Karen has lived in Texas and California but is happy to call Phoenix home.  Karen and her husband Brad enjoy trying new restaurants, back yard BBQs and cooking.

James King, AFEX Head of Dealing, Melbourne, Victoria

James has been working in the financial services industry for over 10 years. He has held a number of positions encompassing foreign exchange, funds management and financial planning. James joined AFEX in 2014, bringing a host of experience from his prior roles, in particular having spent the previous four years with a major global foreign exchange provider. He specialises in risk management and market analysis.
James holds a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Economics and Finance, a Diploma of Financial Services and a Diploma of Financial Markets.

Outside of work, James is a keen AFL supporter, following the North Melbourne Kangaroos. He also has interests in swimming, running and cycling.

Kathleen Bassett, Owner/Broker of Shoreway Realty Group, Cleveland OhioCleveland Real Estate Agent

Kathleen Bassett is the licensed broker and owner of Shoreway Realty Group. Kathleen has been a realtor since 1993 and her brokerage specializes in investor and default properties. Her firm helps locate and negotiate both residential and commercial opportunities for investors. Kathleen enjoys working with investors and helping them define and meet their financial goals.

Kathleen believes that your investment has to stand the test of time. The best way an investor will prevent financial losses is to purchase in the correct areas. “It’s critical to avoid depreciating areas and that is why we focus on predominantly owner-occupied areas.”

The right location combined with outstanding customer service is what Kathleen considers the keys to successful investing.  Over the past 20 years as a licensed Cleveland real estate agent, Kathleen has developed an extensive industry network, including high quality renovation contractors.

Shoreway Realty Group offers property management services as well as renovation services. “We set the bar high when it comes to turnkey investment properties.”

Andy Fernandez, Property Manager, Shoreway Realty Group, Cleveland, Ohio

american property managementAndy has been a fully licensed realtor in Ohio since 2011 and is skilled in the disciplines of property management services. He has managed the day-to-day operations for hundreds of units and rental houses in Cleveland and across Northeast Ohio.

Leasing properties for his clients is Andy’s favorite aspect of property management. Andy will utilize all available resources to market rentals and obtain qualified tenants in a shortest period of time. Andy adheres to a strict code of ethics and will manage your assets with the highest degree of professionalism.