John Carney

John Carney America Property Source

John Carney founded America Property Source in 2010 to enable Australians to safely invest in USA real estate. John has 18 years of experience as an active investor and developer in the United States and Australia. He identified three recurring problems that Australian investors were having when they wanted to buy houses for sale in America:

  1. Knowledge – They feel out of their depth, overloaded with information by “real estate gurus” and don’t know who to trust. They’ve read a number of books and attended presentations but taking action still seems very complicated and daunting.
  2. Resources – They don’t know anyone who has a successful track record as a USA real estate investor who they can turn to for advice. They are afraid of making a bad decision that will lead to losing money.
  3. Time – They have too many other important priorities in life such as work and family obligations to allocate the necessary time to purchase property in USA wisely.

To solve these problems for Australian investors, John recruited an A-Team of USA real estate professionals to work with him and his clients. John and the America Property Source team:

  • are the trusted USA property advisors; an A-Team investors can turn to for advice
  • project manage the sourcing and settlement of property in USA
  • give clients back their precious time to spend with their family while growing their USA real estate portfolio.

Growing up, John learned the fundamentals of saving and investing from his grandmothers. The family business in Cleveland, Ohio is commercial real estate developers and real estate investors. John considers his father his most-trusted mentor who provided the roadmap that inspired John Carney’s book Real Estate is a Team Sport. The 9 Players You Need to Profit. (February 2015).

John moved to Melbourne in July 2009 amid the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) that was devastating the American real estate market.

“Looking back, my biggest lessons as a property investor came from living through the lead up to the 2008 financial crisis. When the bottom fell out of the American real estate market, I witnessed a lot of struggle resulting from reckless speculating and poor planning. America Property Source was born out of where I was focusing on investing post-GFC.”

John currently has property development projects underway in both the USA and Australia and has forged a unique skill set and insight into how property investment works in both countries.

John’s philosophy is that your money should work hard for you. Work hard. Play hard. Profit hard. John and his family live in Torquay, Victoria, where they embrace the outdoor lifestyle with surf beaches and bushland just around the corner.

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