How LeBron James wrote history in Cleveland

June 20, 2016

5 USA real estate investing tips from the NBA Finals

John Carney's LBJ picToday the City of Cleveland will wake up for the first time in my lifetime as  Champions! The taste of the Cavaliers victory in Game 7 Sunday night is soooooooo sweet because  Cleveland sport teams have a history of always falling short. BOOM! The pain of past defeats endured by Cleveland sports fans and the “curse” has been lifted. The next championship will be awesome but nothing will ever top what the Cavaliers accomplished by delivering the NBA Championship.

Three weeks ago I moved back to Cleveland after 19 years of living out of state, including seven in Australia. The city was buzzing with NBA finals fever and the vibe in downtown Cleveland was electric. I wanted to be “all in” and believe but history made me hesitant.

Past experience also makes me pause in business. I’m an entrepreneur in the real estate game and overcoming obstacles is what we do. Here are five observations of LeBron James and the Cavs victory for every real estate investor and entrepreneur to note;

  • TEAM – The championship title was the result of the effort of all of the players on the Cavaliers team. LeBron James is hailed as the player of a generation and is the first person to state that this was a team effort. Cleveland needed LeBron and LeBron needed each of the players on his team.
  • LEADERSHIP – Winning requires leadership. LeBron is the pack leader who keeps his team focused and motivated. A superior leader empowers his team. During the final series LeBron stepped up, stepped back and stepped aside when necessary.
  • HISTORY – You can rewrite history if you focused and never quit. No team in NBA finals history had come back to win form a 1 and 3 deficit until the 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers. Stats are meant to be broken and critics are meant to be silenced.
  • ADAPTION – Stick to the plan. Game seven was about planning and executing the lesson learned in the previous six games against Golden State. You can never allow mistakes to halt your forward progress or defeat you. In order to prevail as a champion in sports, business or life you have to test, measure, adapt and execute.
  • GOALS – Publicly state your goals. LeBron James returned to Cleveland to win a Championship and he stated this publicly. Let the world know what you are about to do, focus and get it done.

Upon his return to Cleveland, LeBron told the fans that a championship would be “earned not given.” That grit and fight is why this championship feels so good. The title that the Cavs won for Cleveland sports fans was earned through hard work.

Thank you gentlemen for bringing home the championship and for the valuable lessons that I will pass along to my children about the day history was made in Cleveland.

Invest well,

John Carney