America Property Source enables Australian real estate investors to safely purchase property in the USA.

Did you know that real estate is a team sport? You need to have an experienced team behind you if you want to be a profitable investor and multiply your wealth by owning cash-flow positive property.

America Property Source built a team of smart professional service providers to support our clients. The licensed real estate agents we work with in the USA work exclusively with investors and most importantly are investors themselves. America Property Source’s clients benefit from the real-life investment experiences and intimate market knowledge that can only be forged from years of experience.

America Property Source understands the differences between the Australian property culture and the USA real estate industry. Founder and director John Carney has experience investing and developing property portfolios in both countries.

We understand that investing in American property is not for everyone. When you choose to include us and our network of real estate professionals on your team, building your American property portfolio will be seamless.

Clients engage America Property Source to locate a property in one of our markets – either Phoenix or Cleveland – based on their criteria. When you hire us, you choose the price point. We then work with the local market experts who we trust to deliver you the most appropriate properties.

Before a foreign investor is able to sign a purchase contract to buy property in the USA through America Property Source, they must first establish themselves in a “position to buy”.

Browse our range of property management services and don’t hesitate to contact us to start your journey entering the real estate market in the USA.