3 Podcasts That Will Improve Your Performance

November 1, 2015

Become A Better USA Real Estate Investor

America Property Source Blog 11-01-15I believe that if you aren’t growing you’re slowing. Successful people are always learning. You have to be smart and leverage your time, so I quit radio. When I’m in the car for any longer than 5 minutes, I listen to a podcast and continue my education.

Do you want to be an all around better human? Of course you do. Here are my top three-podcast recommendations for living a more focused life, developing obstacle immunity and nourishing you body and mind. You will be inspired, you will take action and you will be smarter.


The Unbeatable Mind Podcast with Mark Divine

If you read my book review blog from September 2015 you will recognize Mark Divine as the author of, The Way Of The Seal. Mark’s a retired Navy Seal Commander, high performance coach and entrepreneur. If you are looking for an edge in life, you’ve found it with this podcast.

Mark is dedicated to teaching his students how to tap into their biggest resource, their mind. He combines his martial art meditation practice, Navy Seal leadership experience, dedication to physical training, yoga practice and an unbeatable business intelligence to deliver a powerful message in each episode.

The Unbeatable Mind podcast features interviews with a variety of high achievers and other Navy SEALs, making each episode engaging and full of real life lessons that apply to anyone who desires better results. Warning! Listening to this podcast will result in box breathing. This is a must have tool in your personal development vault.


Spartan Up! Podcast from Spartan Race with Joe De Sena

Got grit? It’s like Christmas every time I log into iTunes and see the new episode of Spartan Up! The Podcast waiting for me! Joe De Sena, the CEO and founder of the Spartan Race based in Pittsfield, Vermont, and his team have set out to interview 300 people to better understand and define success.

Tap into the drive of successful athletes, entrepreneurs, academics, soldiers and the everyday heroes who share their stories of overcoming obstacles to achieve success in life. Each episode is packed with 100% actionable content to make you a better performer.

The message to “change your frame of reference” when you are being served up a plate of sour grapes with a side of unfair will boost your resolve and build your obstacle immunity. This show could easily be named, ‘Unfair Advantage’ because that is what listeners are really gaining for free. If you are searching for that shot of extra motivation to get up and hit your goal, then this podcast and the Spartan Community are for you.


Bulletproof Radio with David Asprey

Upgrade your life. David Asprey is a bio hacker and the genius behind the bulletproof diet. I know what you’re thinking…what is a bio hacker? Dave is on a mission to maximize human performance with minimal effort. He leads from the front – over the last two decades he has spent over $300,000 hacking his own biology

After hearing about bulletproof coffee I had to try it and immediately became a believer. No gimmick here. The more you tune in the more you will question what you put into you body and how it impacts your performance.

No coincidence here that I first learned about Dave Aspery on the Unbeatable Mind podcast talking about using programs to increase his IQ and manage his fight or flight response. Say what! That’s right, Bulletproof Radio will give you the tools and the science required to hack the performance of your brain and your body.

Replace radio ads, gossip and the same lame news reports with a valuable education. These three podcast will make you a better performing human. So tune in and amp up your potential – smarter, stronger and faster.


Invest well,

John Carney