Renovating your investment property in the USA

September 15, 2015

© Can Stock Photo Inc. / KurhanNo matter what kind of state you’d like your property in, USA markets are a great opportunity for Australian investors. Whether you want a relatively new home, or are happy to buy an older home and renovate, the team at America Property Source has the resources you need on the ground.

With the exchange rate favouring the Australian dollar, it’s more cost-effective than ever for Australians to buy property in the USA. The financial fall-out following the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) means it’s cheaper to buy an existing home and spruce it up, rather than build new.

America Property Source have a vast network on the ground to ensure high-quality, reliable and affordable maintenance for your property in the USA. All our USA-based contractors and renovation crews work closely with our investment agents to complete works as close to the settlement date as possible.

None of the properties we suggest will require important structural repairs – most of the maintenance is cosmetic. Common renovations include:

  • new paint, carpet or tiles
  • new fixtures or appliances
  • updated kitchens or bathrooms,
  • minor landscaping
  • cleaning.

America Property Source will be with you through this process, ensuring everything meets your expectations. Once the renovations are complete, we’ll work with your USA property manager to facilitate a smooth handover for the ongoing management of your property.

Please contact us to find out more about buying and renovating a property in the USA.