Profitable USA real estate investing requires goals

January 15, 2015

Happy New Year property investors – what are your goals for 2015?


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Here we are investors; it’s 2015 and already January 15th. The beginning of the New Year energizes me. There’s always the anticipation of what opportunities will be uncovered, reveal themselves and how they will enable me to reach both my short-term and long-term real estate investing goals.

Have you set your property investment goals for the year? We are now two weeks into the New Year and you may be working on your resolutions. That’s great, however resolutions don’t lead to profit. We are USA real estate investors for one reason only and that’s to make money. I feel that New Year goals are more powerful and inevitably hold one more accountable. The best reason for setting a New Year goal is that goals require a plan.

Goals force your brain to focus on something specific. In order to succeed as a real estate investor you have to have goals. Napoleon Hill says, “A goal is a dream with a deadline.” Here are some simple goal oriented actions that you can take as an investor in 2015 to make sure that you progress towards your goals.

Write your goals down somewhere that you can easily access. You can post it on a wall, carry it around with you on a scrap of paper or load them on your smartphone. Making sure you that you view the goals often will be a constant reminder of the mission at hand and keep you engaged. The more often you physically see your goals the more your brain will refocus on them.

Tell someone what your goals are for the year and ask them to keep you accountable. When you verbalize your goals with friends, a spouse or business partner then you automatically become accountable by default. The more you talk about achieving your goals with the right people, the more likely you are to reach them.

Who are the right people? Write a list of who will be able to help, guide and assist you towards achieving your goals for 2015. Next, check in with your team. Be proactive and pick up the phone and touch base with your accountant, real estate agent and property managers. People want to hear from you.

Most importantly, visualize the end result. Think back to a victory small or large that made you feel good. Remember the feeling. See yourself accomplishing your goals. Know where the finish line is and head towards it.

As real estate investors, we are always evaluating opportunities and matching them to our long-term plan. Have you given thought to your 2015 property investment goals and how they will affect your long-term wealth creation plan?

Check in with your USA real estate investments and evaluate their performance. Is your portfolio performing as planned? If not, why? Are you current with market trends? Are you looking at new ways to network and continue your education in 2015?

World-renowned boxer Muhammad Ali said, “What keeps me going is goals.” Opportunity in real estate is out there waiting to be discovered by you. Get after that first deal for 2015 and continue building your US property portfolio.


Invest well,

John Carney